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In ALLYMET TECHNOLOGY we are constantly working on developing new products and improving manufacturing technologies in order to satisfy our customers' needs and establish production processes for saving energy and resources.

We are able to offer solutions best suited to our customers' needs by continually evolving our products and service and raising our industry's bar of performance.

Quality in raw materials is essential for us and this is a reason why every collaboration with our suppliers is under constant checking.

See Catalog 2009.

Our team of experts in ALLYMET TECHNOLOGY monitors and constantly works on quality control before a product comes out on the market.
We sell from our warehouses very well known range of products as: Profilink and KMG for PVC profiles, NSK, Vorne, Kale, Comunello, Cervelini, Domus, Gubi as accesoriess.

The extrusion of aluminum profiles according to our customers' design, is one of our core business areas. If progress and innovation is as vital to you as they are to us, then contact our specialists and together we can realize your ideas.
All our extruded products can be cut to length according to your specifications. Our profiles are available in many hard and soft alloys such as 6060, 6063 series alloys in various tempers. Aluminum alloys are selected for their unique characteristics including strength, corrosive resistance, machining and versatility.

With our experience and know-how in raw materials procurement, manufacturing processes, quality standards and procedures, we can guarantee absolute quality for the extruded profiles.

Our experience since 1997 allows us to satisfy extrusion demands from various market sectors. Sample lots and final production are thoroughly tested in our own laboratories, using procedures that conform to the latest European standards and regulations.


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